Food Blogs: Glimpses into Culture through Food

A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei

The Bible of English food guides to Taipei. Whenever I need a place to eat in Taipei, this is the first stop for me to discover new and delicious spots. Each blog post is detailed with which items to order and pictures to see what it looks like. A good guide to discover where the locals eat.


A great website to use as a guide for cafes all over from Shanghai to Taipei to even Paris. The author quit her desk job to follow her stomach to the city of great pastries–Paris–where she making, tasting, reading, photographing, and writing about pastries. The cafes found on her blog are guaranteed to have good coffee and even more delicious pastries.

Bangkok Glutton

A Thai-American ex-pat writes genuine reviews of food from all over Bangkok. She loves gathering sincere and authentic places for people to connect over food. Passionate about street food and gathering the best street food stalls from all over the winding streets of Bangkok.

Food Justice: Glimpses into Justice through Food

Just Food

This organization increases awareness and action around food and farm issues. Looking at the treatment of farm workers (especially migrants), environmental degradation, and local food movements, this website is a good place to start if you are curious about what food and justice have to do with each other.

In Defense of Food

In this show based on his New York Times Bestselling Non-Fiction book, Journalist Michael Pollan travels the world looking to prove his seven word maxim, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” This show looks to answer the question: How can I eat to be healthy while still upholding sustainability of our planet?

United Nations World Food Program

The United Nations World Food Program spearheads the initiative to eradicate hunger across the world. This website is a good place to look for general information about hunger across the world and the strategies that the UN is taking to fight this issue.